Axela Inc. Announces Cardiac Troponin Biomarker Complex Detection Patent Issued

Toronto, Canada, January 24, 2013 – Axela Inc. announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,338,189 claiming methods and devices for the detection of biomarkers and biomarker complexes.  Specifically, the patent describes the use of diffractive optics technology in the detection of structural changes in a biomarker complex (eg. cardiac troponin protein complex) that may indicate a change in a disease state (eg. myocardial infarction).  This new patent, which is assigned to Axela Inc., provides the company with additional intellectual property protection for the commercial expansion of diffractive optics into the areas of disease diagnostics and drug efficacy monitoring.

“Our newest patent illustrates the power of diffractive optics technology in detecting modifications in a biomarker’s molecular structure in a quick and simple, real time quantitative immunoassay,” states Paul Smith, COO of Axela Inc.  “It is another example of how this unique approach enables additional, clinically relevant information to be gained from within a single assay.  Previously our scientists have demonstrated this capability with integrated titer, isotype and avidity measurements in infectious disease applications and used it to extend immunoassay dynamic range to 7 logs. Our second generation of diffractive optics systems and sensors, developed in partnership with Sony DADC, will allow multiplexing of up to 64 targets. Incorporating these new developments will permit the company to commercialize novel biomarker kits designed specifically for rapid clinical testing.”

Last quarter an additional US Patent (8,283,156) was issued that further extended coverage for methods and apparatus based on light diffraction. Axela has assembled an extensive IP estate covering inventions related to the use of diffractive optics and flow through microarrays for protein and nucleic acid biomarker detection.  This level of patent protection provides the company with a wide freedom to operate as it continues to develop the next generation of multiplex biomarker tools for use in translational research and clinical diagnostics. 

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