Partnering & Licensing

Axela’s business development strategy is to make new tools accessible to academic and commercial partners seeking solutions for their needs in protein and gene expression analysis. The versatility and multiplex capabilities of our dotLab and Ziplex systems make them ideal for unlocking the potential of the latest biomarker discoveries for clinical and biotechnology research. Similar utility exists in agricultural, environmental and basic research markets in addition to novel sample preparation, biosensing and interaction analysis applications. To fully exploit the capabilities of our technologies we are actively seeking new opportunities in:

  • Diagnostics Partnering
  • Academic Collaboration
  • Technology Licensing
  • OEM and Distribution

Axela will also work directly with its customers to design customized assay solutions for their specific needs and performance requirements. Using samples provided by the customer, this special service involves the design of customized TipChips or dotLab sensors as well as full data analysis that is tailored to their unique specifications.